On Rossland and Not Hating Everything

Once the honeymoon period faded (about 2 weeks in), my relationship with Rossland got a little complicated. The last time I posted a blog, I was feeling super good about how things were going and was all gung-ho, ready to write you a never-ending list of my favourite things about this place. But then I started to hate it.

I can hate almost anything if I put my mind to it. Imagine that power applied to something less shitty.

I’ve actually written about a half dozen blog posts over the past few weeks, but you can’t read any of them because I am tired of spreading negativity. I do that enough to my poor coworkers, mother, and room mates. (Adrian and Fraser, you fucking saints, thank you for dealing with me!)

Lately (until today), I’ve given up on blogging altogether and have been doing my very very best to focus on positivity and healing. It’s involved deep breathing, a job change that puts me inside a few days a week, a series of drunken heart to hearts, a long walk in the forest, aggressive friending, yoga, and more.

Deep breathing inside the lift hut is good break-time activities

I don’t want to dwell on any of this, but here is a point form list of the things that have been driving me insane:

  1. The stagnancy of not travelling and being somewhere new, doing something new every day
  2. The prevalence of “bro” culture, and lack of arts culture
  3. The cold

It’s only now that I’ve written that list down that I’ve noticed how it only has three items. It’s funny how so few thoughts can take over your psyche and make it seem like everything is hopeless.

Temperatures below -10, ski bros, and apartments might not ever become my best friends (neither will my dream community of writers that doesn’t exist), but I’m going to make it work here. I’m going to look past the surface, turn over all the stones, and find what I need from life in this place. Because why not? It’s got beauty, artistic souls, a job that really isn’t the worst thing imaginable, an opportunity for me to learn to love skiing again, and boozy potlucks for days.

photo (2)
View from the office, 9am, New Years Day

For a long time, I’ve been obsessed with finding “a place I belong”, which is stupid because I am really fucking picky. The paradise entirely inhabited by hippie artists, free of vocal fans of anything I don’t like, with breathtakingly beautiful scenery, affordable housing, a mild climate and plenty to do in all likelihood doesn’t exist. But that doesn’t mean that the world isn’t an undeniably amazing place. I have a new goal, and that is to learn how to adapt and be myself wherever I happen to be.

Today I caught my reflection and noticed that even though I miss my windswept highway hair, I am rocking the greasy helmet hair. And even though I have to roll up the sleeves of my work jacket, I feel like it fits me. I am going to become who I need to be.

Photo on 2016-01-07 at 5.54 PM
Refusing to shower regularly since ’92

One thought on “On Rossland and Not Hating Everything

  1. Allie, you guys should look into Mohegan, Maine. I spent a few days there the week after we met, and it’s a very laid back place. It’s an island, one square mile, with 65 permanent residents, but functions as an artist colony, so everyone there makes a living through art or fishing. You’ll love the lack of roads, the laid back vibe, and either love or hate the art, but either way you should consider a trip. I hope it becomes easier to stay positive, and keep enjoying your adventure through life!


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