Achievement Unlocked: No Longer Homeless

It’s official! We have a place to live that can in no way be considered squatting, camping, crashing, and/or freeloading. There’s a stack of post dated cheques with the land lord and a sweet Aussie dude in the other bedroom. We’re valued customers of Fortis BC, Shaw Cable, and the liquor store that’s just two doors down.

Australian Room Mate, Barry

For the wild animals we’ve become over the last six months, I think we’re taking to domestication very well. Our internet won’t get hooked up for another week, so we’ve been remarkably productive, starting projects left right and centre. Decorating, cooking, reading, crocheting, putting things in drawers, kombucha brewing, music making, and the like.

Kombucha Kardashian

We’ve had a few “fuck it, let’s go for a walk” moments, but that’s only healthy. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say we were settling down. But even if we are, and I’m not saying we are, this is a pretty good place to get all cozy for the winter.

“Klee Wyck” by Emily Carr might be the best travel writing I’ve ever read, just saying

Not gonna lie— in the pictures we saw of the place, and from how it looked from the outside when we drove by it last week, this place appeared to be a bit of a shit hole. We thought we were moving into a gracelessly aging, sparsely furnished, mostly gray, tiny little duplex. We were totally okay with that, because this is apparently vagabonding by some stretch of the imagination, right?

But it turns out, we actually live in a beautifully restored, weirdly huge duplex that has been treated to a coat of nice green paint since the pictures were taken. With a couple free mattresses and a $3 lamp from a store called Trail Treasure Chest, it’s not even that empty.

Living room, featuring actual Australian room mate, Fraser

I’m so happy to be here! Stay tuned for a post about the things outside these walls. It’s actually magical.

My name is Sid and this is my land!

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