The Other Side

Things are a little different on the East Coast…

The sun comes up over the ocean and sets over the McDonalds.

Stupid o'clock in the morning
About 5 o’clock in the morning

Cool Russian guys decked out in Bermuda prints will offer you rides on virtual roller coasters that you literally cannot distinguish from reality.

The graphics leave much to be desired, but that didn't stop me from losing the ability to stand unsupported.
The graphics leave much to be desired, but that didn’t stop me from losing the ability to stand unsupported.

There are celebrities hidden everywhere and you just might get bitten by one of their horses.

We were told to keep the identity of this horse’s owner on the down-low for legal reasons.

The bridges look like little monkey houses.

And there’s old buildings everywhere.

Inside the abandoned Richfield train station
Inside the abandoned Richfield Train Station

The ocean itself is quite similar. It had all the old favourites: waves, salt, and biting cold. So satisfying that it was worth the three day trek out of NYC to get there.


But as with all places, the highlights were the people we met. We have a few shoutouts to make…

First of all, we have to thank Anthony— the guy who got us to the coast itself. About 20 miles inland, he pulled a U-turn and explained hysterically that he’d just told his boss to go fuck himself and wanted to drive us wherever we were going. He went on to tell us about what had happened at his job, which was cleaning up crime scenes, and admitted that what had really been bothering him was how his socks had been falling down his shoes all day. And it was a Monday. Shit man, I hope it gets better.

Next came Ashley, the funny local girl who drove us along a 15 mile stretch of coast, explaining the merits of each spot along it and doubled back to drop us at the spot we liked best at the end of it. We even got details about the personalities of the police officers in each spot, along with the advice to ask them if they want to “hug it out”.

And last, but not least, the one and only Sean Smith. If there are any nice ladies with artistic souls between the ages of 40 and 60 out there who wouldn’t mind dating a really cool professional photographer out there, leave a comment and we’ll give you his information. Sean accepted one of our famous last minute couch surfing requests and put us up in his absent daughter’s bedroom. Together, we shared drinks late into the night and cookies the next morning as we talked endlessly about adventures, famous people, photography, and everything else. Then, the three of us took off on a spontaneous road trip along New Hampshire backroads, looking for anything and everything interesting. Awesome time. Awesome guy. He’s super modest about it, but he’s an actual Rolling Stone photographer.

So that was it. We bounced off the coastline and after 6 weeks of solid Eastbound travels, we’re heading West. Feels good, man. Feels good. ATLANTIC OCEAN, I HAVE BEEN IN YOU!


One thought on “The Other Side

  1. “The sun comes up over the ocean and sets over the McDonalds.”

    I fucking lol’d.

    Allie, you have a great flair in your writing, sometimes. I love it.

    I am still blown away by the crazy adventures you guys seem to find. I mean, I know I say this every time I leave a comment, but seriously — it’s just ridiculous how much awesome you guys find. I’m so happy for you.

    ‘MURICA. FUCK YAH. hahaha


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