I Don’t Have Time to Write About California

I just got back from Burning Man, so obviously I have a few thoughts to get out of my head. But I haven’t had the time to let you guys know what we did during our time in California. So here it is… Rapid fire style!

We looked at the Redwoods! They were SO BIG!

We met this puppy!

We slept on top of a house in Eureka. Some of the best hospitality is one of the wackiest places we’ve ever stayed.

We hitch hiked Highway 1 with this sign

People dug it. Shortly before sunset, a very soft spoken man with a very messy car told us, “I know a place.” He was wearing ripped sweat pants that were soaked up to mid thigh, a tunic-style shirt, a pin that said “Jesus was a liberal,” and a crazy hat over an even crazier head of hair. During the ride, he told us not to rob him because he was just a “poor monk” and he thanked us for letting him serve us. “You probably won’t believe me, but I saw Jesus one time. He was riding a golden bicycle down the street. He was magnificent.”

The place he brought us was beyond beautiful.

We got to San Fransisco, bought 4 tubes of pringles because we didn’t have any food, then went straight to the sailing club that Neil told us to meet him at for some sunset racing.

Then we went to Burning Man and not much else is that important.

One thought on “I Don’t Have Time to Write About California

  1. Maybe it’s best to leave burning man as a memory just for you? I often wonder about sharing my life. Is it possible that those moments should be left just for you? Or is that a kind of greed? Those unique experiences…. are they mine? Do I own them?

    Hope you guys are well. I enjoy reading your writing, Allie.

    – Reyn
    Currently in Nanchang, China


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